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20/20 Genesystems aims to commercialize technologies and products to personalize cancer therapies by developing patented platform technology for detecting multiple biomarkers in tissue sections without grinding up the tissue and destroying morphology.


AccessDNA aims to be the most trusted consumer resource in genetics. They are committed to helping people assess and understand their genetic risks, get access to genetic services and testing, as well as navigate the genomics revolution (think: WebMD of Genetics, with a built in Consumer Reports for genetic testing).

  $1-$2M Series A

Agendia is an innovative molecular cancer diagnostics company aiming to improve the quality of life for cancer patients by providing healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art testing services that enable safe and effective personalized medicine.


Aposense aims to personalize patient care by imaging and quantifying, at molecular level, the onset of disease and its response to therapy, in real-time.

Up to $20M

Arrayit leads and empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure.


Boston Heart Lab provides the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced diagnostic information to make meaningful treatment decisions for patients and to become the leading knowledge based service provider for Heart Disease.

  $5MM in C Round from institutional investors

CardioDx is a cardiovascular genomic diagnostics company that provides cardiologists with actionable information to improve patient care

  D round

Chronix Biomedical aims to leverage powerful emerging technologies in the development of diagnostic tests that enable physicians and patients to manage complex and important chronic diseases focusing first on human cancers through simple blood tests that can detect and monitor hundreds to thousands of disease-specific biomarkers simultaneously.

$10M Series F

DNA Guide opens up DNA navigation to a whole new audience by solving the issues of privacy, security and usability of personal genetic information.

$200K Seed Round
Preferrably Convertible Debt

HolGen Tech empowers customers for the Genome Based Economy with Genome-Based Recommendations. PDA-s are used as Personal Genome Assistants (PGA).  Bringing Genome-Based Personalized Medicine into daily life of every willing customer; not only Patients, but “would be Patients” (for Prevention) and all Consumers, both by PGA and the Web 

$1 M (preferred)
$10.2 M (applied for)

IncellDx is a diagnostics company dedicated to the detection and monitoring of life threatening viral diseases such as cervical cancer, HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis and organ transplant rejection. The proprietary technology of incellDx is the ability to combine molecular diagnostics with flow cytometry.


MEDgle aims to enhance health care delivery by empowering all participants and systems with better clinical and collaborative decision support.


Obudsman Press specializes in developing test instruments, publishing and consulting, with a focus to successfully bring to market. The value proposition for is that it offers measurement, monitoring and management of stress electronically, at low cost and with patient efficacy.


Organ-I aims to customize transplant immunosuppression therapy by providing immunologic threshold monitoring serially after organ transplantation.

  Series A
$5 M

Quantalife is bringing digital resolution to molecular diagnostics by commercializing the first cost effective, high resolution platform for validating these discoveries. The digital platform will accelerate academic, clinical, and pharmaceutical research that can then be transformed into powerful new digital diagnostic tests.

$12M - $15M
Series B Preferred

TheraOne aims to cure cancers via active immuno- therapy, having created a platform to provide patients minimally invasive, effective and specifically tailored therapy as a front-line drug.


*Subject to change